Your Questions About Watering

Joseph asks…

How to keep water from freezing in watering bins?

How do you keep water from freezing in watering throughs for farm animals? They had to have a way back in the old days before electric water bins.

Tony answers:

Since the weather is cold horses usually don’t drink much water (unless it is warm), so if you fill the water up in the morning and in the evening when you feed they will be fine. Or like you mentioned you can get an electric water bin that has a heater.

Sharon asks…

What should you mix with the water when watering marijuana?

I’m growing medical marijuana and it seems to be coming along slowly. I only use water to water them, which I’m sure is fine, but I hear that almost everyone else is using some type of nutrients in their water before watering. What would you guys recommend using? Thanks.

Tony answers:

Yeah, just get a complete fertilizer and use it at 1/4 strength of the recommended amount, and slowly increase as they need it.

The growing shoots turn light green (Mg deficiency), and the bottom leaves of the plant start to yellow, stems turn red or purple, and growth is slowed when it needs fertilizer.

Cannabis is not a house plant, its a CROP and needs to be fed like one with a scheduled feeding program.

A healthy plant has flat leaves, completely green everything and should be pointing upwards towards the light like a funnel with a visually fast growth rate.

Just be careful with the nutrients, its very easy to accidently overdose them, which can be a BITCH to fix

*and don’t ever use Miracle Grow, because the MG nutrients cannot be flushed out of the soil if you overdose, and your plants will die no matter what you do. Miracle gro is a no no for marijuana.

John asks…

How often should I water Lilies, and what are the signs of over-watering?

I have Lilies that aren’t very healthy looking. I need to know how often to water them, and what the signs of over-watering is, so I know if I am watering too much.

Tony answers:

My lilies are in the ground and in partial shade and I hardly ever water them and they are great. If it was particularly hot and hasn’t rained in a long time then I would water them maybe once a week, but no more than that. If they are potted then you would probably have to at least water them weekly.

Lizzie asks…

When watering plants, is it better to use cold or warm water?

Specifically when it comes to watering chilli plants. I have some young chilli plant seedlings, and I’m not sure what would be more beneficial to them.

By warm I mean tepid or just above or below.

I am growing them in pots indoors in my window.
I would of thought that as chillies are hot climate plants, that warm water would be better for them, but I’m not sure.

Tony answers:

65-75 degrees f.

Paul asks…

How long of watering with manual sprinklers does it take to get one inch of water?

I know that Kentucky Bluegrass requires one inch of water per week to be healthy. How does that usually translate in terms of watering time?

Tony answers:

The type of sprinklers, the water pressure, the length of your hose, ambient temperature (a percentage of sprinkler water is always lost to evaporation before it ever reaches the ground), and amount of wind all make it impossible to say how long you need to sprinkle for an inch of water. Put an open tuna fish can or straight sided cake pan under the sprinkler and time how long it takes to fill it with an inch of water.

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