Your Questions About Watering Lawn

Linda asks…

Watering Lawn?

How often and for how long do you water your lawn? Does it stay nice and green?

Tony answers:

Waterling lawn techniques depends on a varitey of issues. What type of grass do you have? What geographic location and what zone? Are you in drought conditions or have you have regular rain? Are you watering your lawn with sprinker, hose, or irrigation??? These questions are very important in detemining how often you should water. Do you have a new lawn and is your lawn grass seed or sod?
Each of these factors play a role in calculating your watering schedule.
The general rule of thumb is to water first thing in the morning or after dust, before or after the sun has risen or set. Times will vary due to weather and your climate conditions. If using a sprinkler water system at least 45 min to an hour three to four times a week . Irrigation is usually putting your zones on two cycles for a half hour each every other day. This is during the hot summer and if dry months.
Take a look at my website and look in Simple Solutions at watering techniques. This may help you out. Hope I have been a little assistance to you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

James asks…

Watering Lawn costs too much for my 10,000 sqFt — How do i keep it green?

My lawn is huge for my suburbia house…its the biggest in the neighborhood at 10,000-12,000 sq feet…To keep this lawn green i fertilize, aerrate, mow, and water it. The problem i am having is that the watering which is handled by a lot of underground sprinklers is costing me an arm and a leg…Just to water the lawn in total to give each zone 1 hour worth of water which equates to about 0.25 inch of water based on my sprinkler type it would total 4 hours and 35 mins…This amount of time amounts to $20 extra on the water bill…but remember this is just to give my lawn 0.25 inch of water in ever spot…I read that the lawn needs 1 inch of water per week. So to do that it would cost me $20*4 = $80/week = $320/month just to give my lawn enough water to stay green….OUCH! Is there an alternative i can do to keep my lawn green during the coming summer heatwave hear in Southwestern Ontario, Canada??

I was thinking of watering my lawn 2 mins for each zone coming to 12 min lawn total

Tony answers:

Go with coladog’s idea. When you mow what do you do with the clippings? If you have a fancy riding mower that has those storage bins on that you empty when they are full get rid of it and get a mulching riding mower. Leave the cut clippings on the lawn they provide a few benefits organic mulch
2. Mulch adds nutrients to the soil.
3. Mulch means moisture retention
4. Moisture retention means less watering. Lol
Or get some big water storage tanks and collect rainwater then hook up a pump of some sort that’s hooked directly to the watering system i think you can buy some sort of algae sucker fish like in aquariums to keep the aquarium clean might work on a larger scale or maybe theres some other non chemical way to keep it clean til you need the water if you go with plastic make sure theres a drain so in winter it wont crack when the water freezes Hope this helps

David asks…

What should be my next step after laying fertilizer and watering my lawn?

I laid Weed & Feed fertilizer 4 days ago. I followed the instructions and am now watering my lawn with 1 inch of water every other day. What should my next step be? When should I start seeing difference in the lawn? It was suggested to me that I lay Scotts Turf Builder With PLUS 2 Weed Control in June. Does that sound right?
Also, I have some dead spots that I’ll need to lay seed on. What about using Scotts Patch Master?
Thanks for the help.

Tony answers:

You should be fertlizing about once a month, you should notice a difference in color in as soon as 1 week. As for dramatic changes they wont be realized for a season or two. Dont expect to have a perfectly plush lawn from a few applications of fertilizer.

As for irrigating, your 1″ every other day is a little too much.

I like to see it done at 1/2″ everyother day. As forf addressing thinning and bare areas in the lawn, you may try to address it now, but you CANNOT apply any form of weed control to it for at least 4-6 weeks after the grass germinates.
AND, most of Scotts weed control products are contact kills BUT are residual, and can stay in the soil for up to a month.

This would be best done in fall anyways, the summer heat wreaks havoc on newly eastablished lawns.

Be sure to never apply these powdery products(WEED AND FEED) when there is moisture on the grass, as it will collect on the wheels of your spreader, and either overfertilize the wheel tracks and leave it a darker green, or cause nitrogen burn to the wheel tracks.

George asks…

Should I over-seed my lawn even though we have a lawn watering ban?

I live in Charlotte, NC and we can’t water. However, my landscaper says that with the cooler weather and the morning dew, it will be fine. My lawn really needs over-seeding, but it’s a big investment and not sure if I will be throwing my money away.

Tony answers:

Only overseed if there are lots of little bare spots. The goal of wintergrass is to hold the soil, and to shade out weeds.

Rye grass is not expensive, so I would probably do it if the above situations are present. Even though you can’t water, the seeds will probably take root, and many will survive.

Mandy asks…

Watering your lawn up to 1 inch?

I was told that when watering your lawn after laying fertilizer you should water up to 1 inch every other day. This should usually tae 30 minutes or so. I heard the best way to check the water level is to place a small can with a 1 inch mark on your watering area. Once it reaches 1 inch you know you are there. I did that last night and after 30 minutes didn’t have even close to 1 inch.

Is this just bad aim or am I not watering long enough?

Tony answers:

One inch is good, depending on your location. Lawns can burn after fertilization, so it is good to error in over-watering verses under-watering.

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