Your Questions About Watering Equipment

Mary asks…

how do i design watering desirt equipments?

i have 10 fedans of desert i want to design a sprying watering equipment

Tony answers:

“fedans of desert” = “acres of dry land”?

So, you want to irrigate an arid piece of property?
For a garden, is that right?

David asks…

Why didn’t Obama call in the Navy with deep water equipment to stop the oil spill?

The Regime of Obama is allowing a national tragedy that will be embedded in our memories for many years. The extremest that want all oil production to stop will get their way and Obama can now justify the high costs of “going green” to the American people. I can’t help to believe it is shameful political theater for his desired end game.

Tony answers:

1. The Navy and Coast Guard have been on scene since the first explosion.

2. Why do you think the United States Navy would have the specialized ships and equipment to cap deep ocean wells? Oil companies have that stuff.

Robert asks…

Does anyone know any Salt water aquarium equipment sites in australia?

Hi, i was wondering if there was any salt/marine aqaurium equipment or live fish websites in australia?

Tony answers:

Try this site
if you wanna order some equipments from them make a special order.
they deliver internationally for a very cheap price.

Lisa asks…

How do I find drop shippers for name brand sports equipment?

I’m looking to help my son start a business selling hydration equipment (water bottles, packs, etc). I’ve looked at some of the drop ship trade sites, but the free ones all seem to be generic unbranded products. How do I find a drop shipper for name brand stuff like High Sierra and CamelBak?
I understand the mfrs themselves won’t do it, I’m looking for an intermediary. Perhaps even a small dealer looking to boost volume for access to better pricing.

Tony answers:

You dont, because the major name brands already have the own distribution chains, and usually show little, if any interest in making an amateur seller another distributor….

Lizzie asks…

My mom brought home a two goldfish and put it in a regular pot of water with no equipment, will they die?

My mom just decided to put the two goldfish in a regular flowerpot with regular hose water. There’s no equipment attached to the pot such as a filter or a siphon. Will they die?

Tony answers:

No they wont die but they’ll get depression and not good for their health.

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