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James asks…

Is this the new little red hen story is this the way the USA is going?

The hen finds some grain and thinks it would be a good idea to plant it. She goes to the Horse, Cow & Pig and says hey would you like to help me plant this gain and they say no. So The little Red Hen being a hard charger goes out toils all day and plants it. Now the Cow takes note of all the hens work and starts to think how good that grain would taste and confers in secret with the horse and pig and it is agreed that they would tax the Red Hen sometime in the Future. Then the Little Red Hen asks if the Horse, Cow & Pig and says hey would you like to help me water the grain and they said HELL NO! So the Red Hen had second thoughts about asking them for help again and spent month’s watering the grain until it came to seed. Now the Horse, Cow & Pig were already thinking about getting there 90% share of the net farm yield since they were bigger than the Hen and needed more food to Eat. So the hen hesitantly ask the Horse, Cow & Pig and says hey would you like to help me harvest
4 months ago

the Grain and they pretended to show interest but said no, so the little red hen went to harvest and almost died using large farming equipment to get the Grain. Now at this point the Little Red Hen Decided there was no point to ask the Horse, Cow & Pig for anything. So she turned the grain into flour and then pies , pizzas, bread and various pastry’s she was preparing to feed her chicks when the Horse, Cow & Pig burst into the hen house and claimed all the food for they were Hungry at that time they realized there is no meat so they killed the little red hen and grilled her and eat her eggs and pastry’s.

Is this the way the USA is going?

Tony answers:

You calling me a chicken??

Steven asks…

Want to move to Phillipines from USA and im 20, not sure where, or what info I need to know??

Alright basically I plan on working my butt off for the next year until I can save enough money to live out there. I have a few ideas of how this goes down, and I will tell you what I know, but hopefully someone can fill in the blanks or correct me??

Okay I plan on spending 400/mo on the house, and 150/mo on utilities and food, which I think will get me cable, dsl, water, electric, 3 bedroom house in the beach…..basically everything needed.

I am also wondering how to make friends out there?? Is it just like the USA where to go to bar or something?? I am white so will I be accepted like normal (hear on/off things)

I get a visa upon entrance, I get it extended 59 days, and during that 59 days I apply to get a year membership for 60/mo right??

I also planned on moving out there with money to pay for diving school/equipment since there arent any jobs out there available and this diving school would change that.

I dont know…..anything I missed or more info…please share!!
So I figure to live out there I will need 500/mo for necessity, 200/mo for fun, and 2 grand for school. So would I be able to live out there with 10 grand for a year and start making my own income?? Should I go down there with more money??

I actually just thought about this, I cannot get a bank account since I wouldnt be a citizen……what exactly would I do with the money I brought over, or should I just get a whole bunch of cashiers checks or something??

Again any help for a confused 20 year old trying to move is much appreciated!!!

Tony answers:

I would suggest that you contact a Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your area and ask them your questions, or go on the Internet and look up Philippine Immigration Requirements. I don’t think you can just enter that country because you want to – you have to have a valid reason, and what the Philippine government considers valid may differ considerably from your ideas about it.

I was able to enter the Philippines as an alien resident, because I married a Philippine citizen. I had to prove that I could support myself, get a police clearance here in Canada, and a few other hoops I had to jump through.

You can open a bank account if you are a resident alien – I did. You cannot work there unless you have government permission – more hoops. You should be able to live very nicely for about $200 – $250 a month housing and the same for utilities and food, depending upon where you choose to live.

Don’t rely on Answers to give you all the information you will need for such a drastic move – get the facts from the Philippine government. That info is available on the ‘net.

Filipinos are very friendly and accommodating if you treat them with the same respect and consideration you would your fellow countrymen. The level of medical care available is very good – I had major surgery there with no problems. You have to pay for all medical care yourself, as there is no plan available to resident aliens unless you are married to a Philippine citizen. There is plenty of good food and consumer goods available. (You can even buy Washington apples in the public markets!)

Lisa asks…

Do you think universal healthcare is better?

I feel the idea of having government control and dictate everyone’s medical care due to the occurrence of particular shortcomings in our free-market system in certain aspects sounds well-intentioned, but in reality it is another case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Another step of taking the USA into a socialistic society, which has proven to be an idealistic principle that will fail quickly and result in an oppressive, brutal totalitarian society.. Government’s role is to ensure business (competition) opportunity and stop or prosecute corporate corruption as it occurs. We know from experience that the free-market does a far superior job in every industry than do government-ran industries. This is why America is the world leader in medical care, equipment, and drugs. To support politicians who support “universal healthcare” is to support a movement that will do tremendous damage to our superior medical system.

Tony answers:

I agree with you, and I also wonder, do people realize who will be paying for this MANDATORY healthcare? Will taxes go up? Will I have the freedom to choose my doctor? Why should we pay for the healthcare of illegal immigrants? Do I really want the government involved in my personal health care? I need answers to these questions, don’t you?

Betty asks…

Why did Mexico’s military aid, help, and assist Americans after Katrina hurricane in New Orleans, USA ?

On August 30, 2005, Mexican President Vicente Fox sent his condolences to President George W. Bush: “In the name of the people and of the government of Mexico, I assure you of my deepest and most sincere condolences for the devastating effects caused by Hurricane Katrina”. He also mentioned his instructions to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs; that the United States would be provided with any kind of help that was needed.

On September 1, Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas received almost 196 Mexican troops, 14 truckloads of water, a mobile surgical unit, 45 military vehicles, 3 tons of purified water, and more than 250 tons of food, bottled water, canned food, disposable diapers and medical supplies. The Mexican Government sent $1 million through the Mexican Red Cross which collected an additional million, as well as 200 tons of food delivered in five airplanes from the Mexican Air Force by another Mexican Government body. The Mexican Navy sent two ships, eight all-terrain vehicles, seven amphibious vehicles, two tankers, two helicopters, radio communication equipment, medical personnel Mexican aid workers set up temporary headquarters in the Houston Astrodome to assist relief workers and hurricane victims were very grateful for the aid that the Mexicans provided. The Mexicans provided hot meals to evacuees and relief workers, and Mexican medical teams also deployed into local area hospitals to tend to the influx of evacuees who flooded San Antonio area hospitals.

The medical team was three doctors, three dentists, three nurses and three paramedics, conducted 134 medical evaluations, performed 526 medical consultations, provided 363 ambulatory nursing procedures, and medically evacuated 83 personnel during their hurricane relief mission. affected by Katrina, and also offered to cover the costs of returning mexican nationals back to Mexico. Also offered was teams of epidemiologists, to reduce the risks of infections caused by mosquitoes.

The Mexican Red Cross sent four rescue experts from the state of Jalisco to assist in rescue efforts in New Orleans. The government of the Mexican Federal District also pledged to help with relief efforts.

On September 4 the Mexican Navy offered ships, buses and helicopters to assist in rescue missions. The offer was accepted and the Mexican ship Papaloapan departed from Tampico, with two Mi-17 helicopters, eight all-terrain vehicles, seven amphibious vehicles, two tankers, radio communication equipment, medical personnel and 250 tons of food.

Thank you Mexico !

Tony answers:

Don’t get too excited — nations give aid for various reasons, not all of them altruistic. This 1) is just a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the good the U.S. Has done for Mexico — perhaps Fox was trying to balance the scales a little bit; 2) in the same way that Chavez has offered “aid” to the U.S., it could be done with a view of trying to humiliate the administration; 3) they could have been under pressure to actually do some good overseas, and it’s a lot easier to send some guys and equipment next door than contribute to Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Darfur, Somalia, et al.
I guess the possibility exists that they were trying to be good neighbors, but that wouldn’t be my first choice.

Mary asks…

Do you really think you have it bad in the USA???

Jay Leno on President Bush

No matter what your political convictions are
this is eye opener.
What a thankless people we are!!!

Jay Leno wrote this; it’s the Jay Leno we
don’t often see….

As most of you know I am not a President
Bush fan, nor have I ever been, but this is not
about Bush, it is about us, as Americans, and it
seems to hit the mark
‘The other day I was reading Newsweek
magazine and came across some Poll data I found
rather hard to believe. It must be true given
the source, right?
The Newsweek poll alleges that 67
percent of Americans are unhappy with the
direction the country is headed and 69 percent of
the country is unhappy with the performance of
the President. In essence 2/3 of the citizenry
just ain’t happy and want a change. So being the
knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ‘What
are we so unhappy about?”

A.. Is it that we have electricity and
running water 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week?

B.. Is our unhappiness the result of
having air conditioning in the summer and heating
in the winter?

C.. Could it be that 95.4 percent of
these unhappy folks have a job?

D.. Maybe it is the ability to walk
into a grocery store at any time and see more
food in moments than Darfur has seen in the last

E.. Maybe it is the ability to drive our
cars and trucks from the Pacific Ocean to the
Atlantic Ocean without having to present
identification papers as we move through each

F.. Or possibly the hundreds of clean
and safe motels we would find along the way that
can provide temporary shelter?

G.. I guess having thousands of
restaurants with varying cuisine from around the
world is just not good enough either.

H. Or could it be that when we wreck
our car, emergency workers show up and provide
services to help all and even send a helicopter
to take you to the hospital.

I.. Perhaps you are one of the 70
percent of Americans who own a home.

J.. You may be upset with knowing that
in the unfortunate case of a fire, a group of
trained firefighters will appear in moments and
use top notch equipment to extinguish the flames,
thus saving you, your family, and your

K.. Or if, while at home watching one
of your many flat screen TVs, a burglar or
prowler intrudes, an officer equipped with a gun
and a bullet-proof vest will come to defend you
and your family against attack or loss.

L.. This all in the backdrop of a
neighborhood free of bombs or militias raping and
pillaging the residents. Neighborhoods where
90% of teen agers own cell phones and computers.

M.. How about the complete religious,
social and political freedoms we enjoy that are
the envy of everyone in the world?

Maybe that is what has 67% of you folks

Fact is, we are the largest group of
ungrateful, spoiled brats the world has ever
seen. No wonder the world loves the U.S ., yet
has a great disdain for its citizens. They see
us for what we are. The most blessed people in
the world who do nothing but complain about what
we don’t have, and what we hate about the country
instead of thanking the good Lord we live here.

I know, I know. What about the
president who took us into war and has no p lan to
get us out? The president who has a measly 31
percent approval rating? Is this the same
president who guided the nation in the dark days
after 9/11? The president that cut taxes to
bring an economy out of recession? Could this
be the same guy who has been called every name in
the book for succeeding in keeping all the
spoiled ungrateful brats safe from terrorist
attacks? The commander in chief of an
all-volunteer army that is out there defending
you and me?

Did you hear how bad the President is
on the news or talk show? Did this news affect
you so much, make you so unhappy you couldn’t
take a look a r ound fo r yourself and see all the
good things and be glad? Think about
it……are you upset at the President because he
actually caused you personal pain OR is it
because the ‘Media’ told you he was failing to
kiss your sorry ungrateful behind every day.
Make no mistake about it.

The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have
volunteered to serve, and in many cases may have
died for your freedom. There is currently no
draft in this country. They didn’t have to go.
They are able to refuse to go and end up with
either a ”general” discharge, an ‘other than
honorable” discharge or, worst case scenario, a
”dishonorable’ discharge after a few days in the brig.

So why then the flat-out discontentment
in the minds of 69 percent of Americans?

Say what you want but I blame it on the
media. If it bleeds it leads and they
specialize in bad news. Everybody will watch a
car crash with blood and guts. How many will
watch kids selling lemon ade at the corner? The
media knows this and media outlets are for-profit
corporations. They offer what sells, and when
criticized, try to defend their actions by
‘justifying’ them in one way or another. Just ask
why they tried to allow a murderer like O.J.
Simpson to write a book about how he didn’t kill
his wife, but if he did he would have done it
this way……Insane!


Turn off the TV, burn Newsweek, and use the New
York Times for the bottom of your bird cage.
Then start being grateful for all we have as
country. There is exponentially more good than
bad. We are among the most blessed people on
Earth and should thank God several times a day,
or at least be thankful and appreciative.’ ‘With
hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud
slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up
the country from one end to another, and with the
threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, ‘Are we
sure this is a good time to take God out of the
Pledge of Allegiance?’
Jay Leno

Tony answers:

No problem here, I love this country and thank my lucky stars that I was fortunate enough to be born here. I think many people believe that life owes them something and that they should be able to succeed with little or not effort on their part. This idea is so contrary to the principles upon which the country was founded as to be unrecognizable. When you harbor a mentality like that it is easy to see inequity at every turn because you are not looking for the positives, but rather searching for the worst negatives obtainable. The sad part is that there is no hope for these people and no amount of freedom or luxury will ever satisfy them. Nor will they ever really understand just how good they have it just by virtue of being born American. Anyway, the answer is no I do not believe I have it bad. America has been good to me and I in return have tried to be good to her. God Bless the Republic, long may she stand!

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