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Donald asks…

Do you think we are preparing for a World War?

we have built 7 new nuclear submarines

We have built two new aircraft carriers

We have also signed a deal with France to share military Equipment and nuclear weapons

What is about to happen have i missed something and who will we be going to war with?

There are only four countries in the World that have a blue water navy (USA, UK, France and Russia) and two of them have just joined together what is about to happen?

Tony answers:

In answer to the first two points, no.

We are building the Astute Class, as a replacement for the now sadly departed S Class, and the ageing, and criminally over worked T Class Submarines.

The same can be said of the two new aircraft carriers. They are being built to maintain Britain’s independent means of power projection.

Sadly, the chances are, that by the time they are launched, the various financial committees involved will have designed them to be the size of a mine sweeper, with the range of the Victory on a calm day.

Daniel asks…

Great Britain still is a World Power?

Britain is a World nuclear Power and will always continue to be.

We are the second highest spender on Defence in the World.

We Operate a Blue Water Navy,There are only three coutries in the World who Operate a blue water navy UK,USA,France.

We have 90+ Military bases all over the world.The USA‘s magic 150 bases are made up of our 90+ We allow them to use our various installments all around the world on our Sovreign land,Crown Dependicies or British Territory.

We are one one of the five permanent members of The UN Security Council along with NATO, and we are the founding member of The Commonwealth.Also a major player in The European Union.G8,G20.

40% of the worlds inventions over the last 10 years were British.

We Trade Per Head more than any other Nation on Earth.

Great Britain also has one of the world’s most Technologicaly advanced Armed Forces.

Worlds most advanced nuclear submarine HMS Asutue

Worlds most advanced warship Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring.

Two new supercarriers been built at the moment Queen elizabeth class

Worlds most advanced battle tank Challenger 2

Worlds most advanced fighter jet Typhoon(Eurofighter)

Worlds most advanced military satellite.

Worlds most advanced bomb

What do you think?
Does anyone find it amusing how the yanks almost cry when you suggest something is better than theirs? LOL

Tony answers:

Damn straight.

Don’t worry about that Chet bloke, he’s talking Yankee bollocks (no matter how much he tries to proclaim his lack of bias) and his UK family probably live in some pikey hole anyway.

In terms of capacity to wage war overseas, only the USA has greater than us. Even Russia’s military, for all its bombs and aircraft and might, doesn’t at all have the infrastructure or technology to wage a particularly effective war far from home. And after that there are practically no other countries with a significant bluewater presence.

And of course, we have one of the world’s largest economies (much as Labour is destroying it) we’re in the G8 and have a seat on the UN security council. Anyone who says we aren’t a world power is a fool.

Also, although it’s often said our industry is going downhill, it’s the manufacturing where the losses have been. In terms of R&D, innovation and invention, we’re still pretty damn hot, especially militarily, which is no mean feat given the disparity between the defence budget of the UK compared to the US.

Generally, there’s more than a lot of truth in what you’ve said. Though some of it is probably patriotic exaggeration, yours or not. (40% of the world inventions? Surely not?)

Donna asks…

Investing in Real Assets rather than Fiat Dollars?

Investing ideas for the Fiat Dollar?
I am looking to compile a list of real assets that will be good for trade for the event of a paper dollar collapse. The USA Dollar index broke a major level of support and there is too much evidence to prepare holding dollars in stocks, mutual funds, bonds and so on.

Smart investing would be to try and get great prices, and then you can obtain more real assets. Also smart is picking items that would be planned for use as well as planned for trade in later dates (looking for products others could use)

What other assets are great to invest for that is not included on this list?

REAL METALS (silver, gold, copper, nickel etc.)
FOOD (canned, fresh, water etc)
AGRICULTURE (equipment and supplies; tractor, seeds, fertilizer etc)
ENERGY (batteries, backup generator, solar panel)
APPAREL (shoes, coats, pants etc)
BOOKS (reading [fiction and non fiction], blank paper)
TRAVEL (cars, bikes, horses)
ANIMALS/LIVESTOCK (horses, dogs, chickens, pigs etc)

Tony answers:


Carol asks…

Do people posting here want the truth or are they more interested in spreading Bush administration propaganda?

1. carrie asked: Why the UN doesn’t sanction USA?

2. Someone answered: Wrong. Removing Saddam saved Iraqi lives. While Saddam starved to death children, he spent billions of dollars on palaces that included gold faucets. And instead of using plumbing equipment to purify water, he made lakes and waterfalls for himself.

“It is estimated that 500,000 Iraqi children have died because of the non-compliance of the Iraqi Government with [United Nations] Security Council resolutions 706 (1991), 712 (1991) and 986 (1995) since the end of the Gulf War. ”

“Despite improvements there are still close to one million children under the age of five suffering from chronic malnutrition in Iraq today – that’s nearly a quarter of all children of that age,” said Mr. Carel de Rooy, the head of UNICEF in Iraq. “This is unacceptable. More still needs to be done to end the suffering of a generation of children.”

3. The company that I work for disagrees with the above poster and his assertions.

It seems as if people (posters) knowing right from wrong, have twisted and distorted the truth.

It, also, seems as if Congress was given false intelligence reports and was deceived.

We and most of the country, I believe, knows that our government used false facts, lies, to get UN resolutions passed.

We are a first-hand authority source, yet Congress has never called for our testimony against the Bush administration’s corrupt and illegal war.

Yes, this is an illegal war. It is also criminal and murderous.

You can’t go around lying about other nations, setup the facts, falsely and fraudulently, and then accuse that nation of wrongdoing!

If that nation was a legitimate nation and a nation at peace (doing no one any harm) to bring war to the shores of another nation in violation of US and international is criminal. This is what the Bush administration has done and in the process killed two million innocent Iraqis and incurred a war debt of two trillion dollars.

[11 posters and I haven’t finished the question]

Congress better wake up to the truth, as well as the American people. If our nation accepts this war as legitimate, the fraudulent killing of innocent people and the demonization of Iraq and its president with falsehoods. Our nation will never see the end to this war.

Do you people think that our nation can get away with two million people MURDERED under the color of our laws and get cleanly away with it?

Why do people support a criminal President and his regime?

To posting falsehoods and not trying to research or debunk them, makes the posters equally guilty along with the President and accessories to murder.

Quotations from the UN don’t work, because mush of what is said in these resolutions do not reflect the truth as to what happened and our government was responsible for the creation and dissemination of false facts.

I am not trying to debate the issues here as much as to enlighten America. If you don’t want the truth

then this nation is destined to fail.

Global warming is a true reality, which governments must deal with. Solutions comes from people trying to solve matters and in a democracy, information is and should be freely available to people so people can decide. If government as well as some of the people hide the truth, then that nation is doomed to fail. Perhaps, some people DON’T care and expect the worst to happen, so feel that other people should never be enlightened. Well, they are sorely wrong, because in this instant solutions to the Iraq War are very possible and are able to be implemented.

I am wondering, when people are first-hand sources of information and they are telling you the truth, why do some of you lie and intentionally become accessories to the criminal conduct of a Presidential administration gone wrong?

In the Vietnam War, soldiers would frag intentionally errant (murderous) Generals. Why would you not demand integrity of the President and his administration


I am not trying to argue with you dissenters. I am presenting first-hand facts, so you can have a better handle on what has happened.


Nice Lady, most of the propaganda or untruth comes from the Pro-Bush side. I am willing and have been willing, for the past 17 years, to testify before a joint session of Congress as to all of the particulars of this Iraq War. I am willing, more than willing, to be directly sure by the President, himself, as to my allegations and words against him.

scipro3001, I am not an expert on right-wing propaganda on late-term abortions. My field is the Iraq War.

mumtuz, yes, my information does not come from the Fox Network. My company is the first-hand source.

Alan S, I am a business major and history minor, yet in my minor I am somewhat a scholar. From what I can see the President was pushed through school and history isn’t his forte. During his early beginnings as President, he did not have the knowledge to control and

manipulate affairs. Other people did that. Not Bush Junior.

John K, truth is always truth. As the Bible says anything apart from the truth is a lie. I tell the truth, because I believe in it and to see two million people die, due to a US lie is sickening. That is not the way to protect our nation!

Samantha Stickers, it may seem to be the best Republican propaganda, but not all Republicans will agree. What was crafted was so slick, that not many people can argue against it. If provided with the funds to research and to present this case before Congress and the United Nations, I would be doing so instead of posting stuff in forums.

If the President, himself, wanted to challenge me in Congress, I would welcome the opportunity to do so. Would you believe me, if I said that I am upright and that the President and the people behind them would rather have me discredited or murdered. That being the case, who is in the right and who is in the wrong here?

His coming out to testify

truthfully, if he ever wanted to do so would, also, likewise, get him killed.

What the general public should do in this case is to continue to publish the truth about crimes in high places and thereby force Congress to open up a criminal investigation. That is how you prosecute people in high places, who are blatantly wrong as in the case of the Iraq War.

People who side with the President and posters who post things against the truth and knowingly in grave error, should be so marked! Doing so will discourage others from doing the same.

If someone posts a lie in defense of the President, then that person is just as guilty of treason and the murders of two million innocent Iraqi people!

grumpyoldman said, “This forum is based on 90% propaganda and insults.” and I would reply, it would appear that way to a Bush supporter and to someone who didn’t know what this conflict was all about.

xialou1, you are correct, but the fault lies in a select few having too much power and not

willing to allow outside opinions and testimony to be heard…even if only privately to their own ears. I would have done it (advised them), if they were opened to possible good solutions and I would have been quiet and not gone public. Murder on a grand scale is a no no for me!

nileslad, no it’s not. I am very clear about what I have to say.

James C, you are correct. Some people do stick assiduously to what they believe is true. If a person had the money they have the time to properly frame arguments and issues, in spite of being wrong.

MY QUESTION IS SIMPLY: “Do people posting here want the truth about the Iraq War and are they willing to consider both sides of the argument?”

My question, also, poses the question and concern that if people learn of the truth what will they do with it?

Do they want to learn the truth, so as to negate it and help a criminal go free?

This is not for me to argue.

I like Saddam am willing to meet Bush on the battlefield (joint-session of Congress), yet I like Saddam will never have the opportunity to do so! How many more lies and American deaths will you people endure, before you bring this man to justice!

How many innocent Iraqis must die?

How many Americans do not know the truth behind this war and don’t care to know?

How many smart people know that solutions come about, when people have accurate information. And then can thereby solve problems.

If you try to solve a problem without accurate information, no real solutions can come about. Such is now happening in Congress and in the military at the highest of levels!

Oh, also, conscious objectors should be allowed to not participate in the war, based on their beliefs, if they choose not to go to war.

If a person saw that a particular war was wrong and that our nation brought this war about based on fraud and lies, in a true and upright democracy

that person would be exempt from fighting in that particular conflict.

For me this is an emotional issue, as many family members in Iraq have died. You will see spelling and grammar errors in this posting therefore. Sorry!

Tony answers:

The answer to your question is that they have convinced themselves that the propaganda and the truth are the same thing.

It’s Stockholm Syndrome. Except instead of convincing themselves that they’re in love with their captor, they’ve convinced themselves that the man who is single-handedly trying to dismantle our way of life is the greatest American alive.

James asks…

How have Israels attacks made Israel a safer place?

Hammas offered various ceasefires. Israel rejected them.

On 25 April 08 Hamas offered Israel a six-month ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, – to be a mutual arrangement and lead to an end of the Israeli blockade and the opening of all border crossings to the Gaza Strip – which period Egypt will work to extend the truce to the West Bank.

20 June 08 The ceasefire is agreed.Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said Israel planned to ease its months-long siege of the Gaza Strip so long as the truce deal was implemented as planned.

During the ceasefirre Israel has tightened it’s grip in Gaza by cutting electricity supplies to 1,500,000 people. They restricted food supplies and medical supplies were cut back further. Three months into the ceasefire Israel stopped international journalists visting Gaza.

In October 08, humanitarian monitors reported that malnutrition was occurring within Palestine but particularly children.

Throughout this time Hamas maintained their ceasefire. Not one single rocket was fire, despite many deaths occurring in Palestine through poor water and shortages of medicines and equipment.

For it’s part – Israel did not relax the restrictions on Gaza – it increased them – even though USA was now urging Israel to allow medicines and food supplies into Gaza.

5 Nov 08. Israel then broke the ceasefire in the 4th month when Israeli troops launched a raid into the Palestinian territory and killed six people.

For six months Gaza was like a pressure cooker with Hammas observing the terms of the agreement and Israel ignoring them.

After six months, at the end of the ceasefire Gaza militia fired rockets into the area where Palestinians had been pushed out of 3 years ago . Israel claims hundreds of rockets – although only one person has been killed.

Israel has responded by using the most sophisticated aircraft in the world and have launched attacks killing some 250 Palestinians,

Now tell me how Israel wanted peace.

Tell me that Israels response has made Israel safer
Well the first poster needs to challenge the UNITED NATIONS imonitors becasue they confrim that Hamas observed the ceasefire.
Please go argue with the UN.

Tony answers:

It hasnt its made people dislike them even more. I call it an act of terrorism itself.

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