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Nancy asks…

I am a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, whats the best way to meet divers to go diving with here in the UK?

I have completed both my Open Water and Advanced Open Water diving courses on holidays over the last year but I would really like to get into some intersting diving here in the UK. I have very little equipment of my own, just wondering what the best way of going about diving in this country is as I have no diver friends of my own!!!

Tony answers:

Firstly make sure your PADI Certificates are up to sratch, holiday tuition isnt always as thorough as a full UK ased course.

Find your Local dive shop, he will have all he equipment you’ll need for hire.

He will also have details of local pools who run indoor dive sessions always a good place to meet fellow enthusiasts

Chances are the dive shop will run trips and excursions to local wrecks or inland dive sites

Hope this helps

George asks…

What is the BOP/BOT between UK & India. What are the most promising sectors & sectors needing max attention.?

I need to make a presentation on the Balance of Trade/ Balance of Payment position between India & UK, as on date. Also need to present the most promising opportunities between the countries in various Industrial sectors, namely, Power- Thermal, Gas, Hydel, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, etc.; Metals : Ferrous & Non-Ferrous; Minerals & Mineral Processing; Mining- Metals & Minerals; Earth Moving Equipment; Material & Port Handling Equipment & Projects; Coal; Chemicals; Infrastructure including Real estate; Pollution Control & Environment; Water Conservation and Conveying, etc.; Pharmaceutical; IT; Bio-Technology and other Services Sectors. In other words, all the Sectors of the Industry. Shall be grateful for ‘Informed inputs’.

If data is available in PDF or Power Point presentation format, it will be all the more easy to work on it and plan my own thoughts and presentation. Thank you all in advance.

Tony answers:

Use google mate

Charles asks…

The UK Ministry of Defence don’t seem very competent do they?

Soldiers complaining about rubbish equipment, poor help for ex service people, claiming pilot error for MOD failures, lying about territorial waters, denying gulf war syndrome. Or is this just the Media trying to sell newspapers and TV news?

Tony answers:

No. The Ministry of Defence is an incompetent and abusive organisation that enjoys the suffering of it’s own servants after they have mutilated the innocents of another country.

They are the tools of immoral politicians and the apologists for blood sucking royalists.

Paul asks…

can i legally have the day off work in the UK if….? (UK)?

can i legally not turn into work (UK only) if i work in a warehouse and their are no facilities (no water from taps, toilet does not flush etc) due to everything being frozen. Also their is no heating equipment in the warehouse but their is in the office.

Tony answers:

By law, your employer has to provide you with a working temperature of 13 degrees C if you are doing manual work or 16 degrees C if you are sedentary (ie. Sitting at a desk all day). They also have to provide washing facilites and clean water.

If your workplace is warmer than 13 C and there is running water & working toilet somewhere on site, they can legally require you to work. If not, they are breaking the law.

Please do check your facts though (the first answer was totally wrong about temperatures – actually there’s a lower legal limit, but no upper one). Have a read of the info on the direct-gov site to make sure you understand your rights and the law, and take a thermometer to work with you.

Jenny asks…

Help with free garden equipment?

Hi, l live in the UK and after gving my garden a complete overhaul I am looking for the following things for it, but I don’t want to have to spend any money! I am looking for – seeds, plants, compost, plant pots, fertilisers, a water butt magazines or leaflets and also I am desperate for a compost bin, if anyone has any links to free gardening anything I would very much appreciate any links or help, thankyou for reading my question.

Tony answers:

Do you think you can make do with the way it is
appears you got to have everything

start looking into tag sales

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