Your Questions About Watering Equipment

Sharon asks…

What does water do to electrical equipment that causes them to malfunction?

I know water can damage electrical equipment, but why can water do this? I’m sure it has to do something with electricity and water. I seek an in-depth answer that will leave me with no doubts, or further questions, if possible.

Tony answers:

Water is a polar molecule and in nature contain impurities which enhance it’s conductive ability. So water become a conductor when introduced to electronic devices and electricity follows the path of least resistance, which is no longer the desired circuit. So with the electricity being conducted into places that are not desired it often causes components to fail by overloading them with power.

Electrical equipment that gets wet while not connected to power often can be used provided it is allowed to dry out completely before power is applied. For example I have been know to put keyboards in the dishwasher and as long as I wait before I used them afterwards. But pour a cup of coffee into the ketbouard while in use and generally it is toast.

Charles asks…

I am considering to convert my swimming pool to salt water pool. Does it ruin my pool equipment easily?

Since I don’t use the pool at all now my kids are grown and out. It is a pain to maintain the pool ( money and effort) for nothing. I am considering to convert to salt water that I don’t need to use chemicals. Is there any thing wrong with this line of thinking? If not, does it corrupt the equipment easily? Salt water can be harmful to metal as I know. Is there a very lightly salty water that can do the job of no alge while keep the existing equipment running?

Tony answers:

=== salt is corrosive — we agree — you really need to go to the swim pool chemical supply company and talk this over with the good folks that are there to help you … The liner surface of your pool is designed to function with the proper Ph of the contained water … Imbalance of the Ph will eat the metal fittings and the impeller of the pool pump … I had problems with my pool because of the pine tree straws blowing into the pool and creating acid in the water …. I got the help … You will happier to get the facts for your area and just an added note … Lots of folks do not want a pool and that pool doesn’t add $1.00 to the value of your house .. If you do not plan to sell soon fill the pool and plant a garden or grass ….

Robert asks…

Where can I find cheap water testing equipment?

I want to get some water testing stuff but i don’t have a lot of money.

Tony answers:

Cheap is not good invest in a proper test kit and that will give you accurate results and last i use the API master test kit not cheap and its a liquid test kit but its worth the money

Jenny asks…

what special equipment is needed for water skiing and why?

i have to do this thing for health where we choose an extreme sport (i chose water skiing) and we need to list all the special equipment that is needed for that sport and why each piece of equipment is important. so, what special equipment is needed for water skiing and why are they each important? thanks 🙂

Tony answers:

You will need a boat that isn’t to heavy otherwise it will make a huge wake and it is harder to go out of the wake unless you have trick skis. A spotter and driver in the boat. The spotter is in case you fall or you need to slow down, speed up, or stop and a driver to drive the boat. You will need skis unless you are bare footing, but that is for advanced skiers. There are different types of skis so choose the type that is good for you. You will need a tow rope otherwise you can go any where and you won’t be water skiing. A life jacket in case you wipe out and get knocked out or something like that. That is just plain safety though. If you are going extreme skiing you will need a helmet so if you ski falls off it doesn’t hurt your head. And of coarse you will need a lake to run the boat on.
Hope that helped!

David asks…

my apartments has hard water, is there any water softner equipment I can buy to help soften?

the water in just my apartment unit?

Tony answers:

Sure, but you should really talk your owner in getting one: It will prolong the life of the H2O heater.

You may go to Menards and purchase one, but they are big, need drainage and installation and expensive.

Have the Slumlord put one in.

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