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Paul asks…

What are the absolute most ghetto places or areas of a city you have ever come across?

I have been to areas of Chicago that look like a war-zone. Englewood, Chicago, Lawndale, Chicago, and Gary, IN are some of the ghetto-est areas I have ever witnessed.
Any place seems to have serius ghettos. Thanks.

Tony answers:

Let’s see. In the 90’s it was the south side of Chicago, Cabrini Green. Although I’ve heard it’s been gentrified now. Now it’s the Kilburn area of Napa, CA. That’s where the gangs live, and it looks like it too. Run-down apartment buildings, and that’s where most of the arrests are made. Yes, there are parts of Napa that are ghetto.

Robert asks…

What are five examples of ethnic groups in Chicago and the neighborhoods where they reside?

If you don’t know five, just tell me what u do know. I know of Little Village and Mexicans, Lawndale Community and Englewood are African Americans, Lincolm Park are White….but what are the ethnicities called….(white, black, latin are races…i need to know ethnicities)

Tony answers:

1. You might want to start off with something basic, to give some general indication.
A) wikipedia (yeah, I know), is fairly useful. You can read it yourself, but it mentions especially Poles, Irish, Italian, Assyrian, German, Mexican, Romanian, South Asians, Puerto Ricans, plus others. In some cases it also states neighborhoods.
b) You might find some other general online source too.

2. You can then check your preferred five groups against detailed data sources, such as:
a) Chicago Area Geographic Information Study (CAGIS)
– Community Area Demographic Reports [NB 1990 census data]
b) Epodunk – ancestry maps

For example …
Epodunk shows this:
Norwood Park … 28.8% Polish
and CAGIS provides these supporting details:
Norwood Park (total population: 37,530)
Single ancestry … 8,264
Of those with multiple ancestry:
First ancestry reported … 10,103
Second ancestry reported … 1,809
Polish spoken at home … 3,934

Sandra asks…

What are the best high schools in Chicago, IL?

I’m an 8th grader. If few days my school is having the high school fair and they are going to give us applications. Which high school do you recommend me to go to? ps: I live on Little Village and it would be better if its more closer to here. Oh and, NO LITTLE VILLAGE & NORTH LAWNDALE HIGH SCHOOL PLEASE!

Tony answers:

There aren’t many good high schools in that area. The best one closest would have to be Whitney Young or Jones. If you can go to school farther away, go to Lane Tech where I’m a sophomore at right now. The school is great and all the teachers give little homework. Just some advice, don’t listen to any of those bad things that happen if you’re a freshman and apply to as many schools as possible. I only applied to five and I almost had to go to Tilden cause the others schools rejected me. Good luck and hope you find a good school.

Donna asks…

does anyone know about fun carnivals in chicago illinois.?

does anyone know when the carnival in the streets Lawndale and Diversey in Chicago Illinois 60647 start.? Or any other carnivals around this area.? 🙂

Tony answers:

Head a bit north. This is the time for the Wisconsin State Fair. Pretty sure that Friday is Illinois day with an ID you will get reduced admission.
Cream Puffs!

Maria asks…

Scale of 1 to 10: If Chicago gets Olympics, how corrupt will the money management be?

I mean Chicago is the corrupt politics capital of the United States.;_ylt=AgnZ_3lGKTMPU8.l_l6LvvSMwfIE;_ylu=X3oDMTE2MmthNGMxBHBvcwMzBHNlYwN5bi1yLWItbGVmdARzbGsDZXYtb2JhbWEmIzM5

On Monday, Gibbs said that Obama is confident that the city of Chicago, which has been plagued by what prosecutors have described as a “pay to play” culture, can responsibly oversee the multi-billion dollar building project. “Not only is he, but [so] is the U.S. Olympic Committee that picked Chicago over [other] cities,” Gibbs said. (See highs and lows from the 2008 Beijing Games.)

Under the plan put forward by the Chicago 2016 committee, as described in a report by L.E.K. Consulting, the City Council would play a major role in making sure the billions of dollars for new Olympic facilities are spent appropriately. This may be an ambitious goal; since 1971, 30 members of the Chicago City council have been sent to jail, largely as a result of various corruption investigations. In a sign of the incestuous nature of Chicago politics, L.E.K – which concluded that taxpayers would be mostly protected under the Olympic plan – disclosed in its report that it is currently seeking a major city contract for concessions at O’Hare International Airport. (Any potential conflict was dismissed as irrelevant by the Civic Federation, which requested the report.) “Historically, the City Council hasn’t had a great record of transparency,” says Valerie Leonard, a community activist in Chicago‘s North Lawndale neighborhood, which would host cycling events if Chicago wins the bid. “I don’t have confidence that’s going to change.”

The larger Chicago 2016 advisory committee – which has hundreds of members, including celebrities like Michael Jordan – is also populated with a number of close friends and major supporters of Obama’s presidential campaign. The personal friends include Eric Whitaker, who works at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Michelle Obama’s former employer, and who has been a frequent visitor at the White House. The group also includes several members of two of Chicago‘s wealthiest and most supportive families, the Pritzkers, heirs to the Hyatt hotel empire, and the Crowns, heirs to the General Dynamics company. Both families were early supporters of Obama’s political career.

The City Council and the bid committee have so far rebuffed efforts to require the Olympic committee’s work to be subject to freedom of information requests, according to the University of Chicago‘s Sanderson. Nor has there been any action on Sanderson’s proposal to ban members of the advisory committee from seeking Olympic contracts. One bid committee member, Michael Scott, has served as a consultant for one of the developers vying to build the $1.2 billion Olympic village. Scott has also consulted on a condominium project near the proposed location of the village, though he has denied to the Chicago Tribune any conflict of interest or financial gain.
sadcat…………yes republicans are corrupt too.

Tony answers:

About 10,000 as that is the way of Chicago land

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