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Steven asks…

Has anyone used a Neuton CE 6 electric lawn mower?

What are your experiences? My utilities company is have a trade in deal for $269. I am wondering if I should go for it. I have a broke down lawn mower so it seems like a great idea. The reviews I have seen have been mixed though. Any input?

Tony answers:

I haven’t used that specific brand/model, but here is my 2 cents.

How big is your lawn? Most electric mowers can’t do more than 1/4 acre, or at best 1/3 acre, on a single charge. Just be prepared to have to stop and recharge the mower battery, unless you have a very small lawn. If you find you can’t cut your entire lawn on a single charge, you can always buy a second battery (about $100 to $130).

Also, try to find out how close you are to the nearest service center. If it’s a few hours away, repairs will be a hassle unless you yourself are a handy person.

That being said, I do like having an electric mower for my 1/4 acre yard.

Sandra asks…

What is the best online shopping that offer great price for lawn mower?

I need genuine review from those who have ever used the lawn mower..thanks in advance.

Tony answers:

Use this site.
It’s made by google and it’s exactly the same as a google search. You can search for the lowest price for a product, which is available on the internet, it even includes prices from ebay etc.

Sharon asks…

any review’s on toro lawn mower model no 20439?

was thinking of buying a used 1 that just had a new blade clutch replaced?

Tony answers:

I have similar model, I like it, still starts, runs cuts great. My model does not have the blade break clutch. Not sure how that effects the longevity. Other than regular maintenance, I have only had to replace the piece that holds the blade onto the motor shaft. ($12)

You should be able to find a consumer reports review (93′ – 94′) of a similar model at your local library.

You can find the manual and some parts info here:

Happy Mowing 🙂

Donna asks…

what is the best lawn mower with electric start key function?

need reviews on brands, also repairs etc.

Tony answers:

Try the Toro model 20074. It is a 3-in-1 mower (baggs, mulches, and side discharges), has electric start, and has the best self propelled system on the market, the Toro Personal Pace. It never goes faster than you. I love mine!

Check out to find a dealer near you.

Daniel asks…

review of a walker brand lawn mower for cutting lawns?

i am interested in buying a lawn mower for starting lawn business i looked at walker brand with grass catcher and also a x mark navagator with the same features can any one tell me what one they would buy and why

Tony answers:

I have used Walker mowers for about 15 years. I love them. I know them inside and out, every nut, bolt, sensor, pulley and wire. I know nothing about the Navigator except that Exmark mowers are widely used in the business and they designed the machine to include the features that Walkers have always had. That brings this line to mind: “Why buy the copy when you can have the real thing?”
Walker has been refining that design since 1982? Or so. They have learned alot about that design and have slowly introduced new features that have greatly improved on the original design. Today’s Walker mower is light years ahead of the original in terms of productivity and durability. Last year they upgraded the GHS blower that sucks up the clippings and that has, once again, transformed the machine. Now it can move through heavier grass even faster than before and can handle wet grass even better.
The Exmark does have alot of plastic on it that the Walker doesn’t have. The Exmark sits taller than the Walker which is a big deal. First, when you sit closer to the grass you are way more aware of the cut quality. You will know if you need to sharpen your blades or clean out your deck right away when you are that close to the grass and you can lean over and pick up sticks and trash and rocks. Plus you can mow under low hanging limbs easier if you are lower and can mow hills better because the center of gravity is lower.
The 26 EFI machine with the large bagger, a 48″ deck is the commercial standard in Southern Maine and most of New England. It is THE machine to have and I believe customers expect to see it. Get the power dump feature and you will thank yourself a hundred times a day. There also is a high dump feature that lifts the bagger high and then dumps into a truck. That looks great too.
Test both machines but remember that the correct tool may be harder to use the first time using it but when you train yourself to use it properly you will be better off than buying the machine that is easier the first time out but limited in capability long term.

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