Your Questions About Lawn Chairs

Charles asks…

Where can I find History of Metal Lawn Chairs and Metal Tulip Chairs?

Anybody have any good websites where I can find history of the Metal Tulip Lawn Chairs – or metal lawn chairs in general – manufacture info, design, quality, what to look for in originals, replicas, etc. Any clue who designed the first one?

Tony answers:

This furniture is a symbol of the simpler times
that followed the first world war.
Previously, American designers had copied
European steamer chairs, or French bistro chairs.

The first companies to manufacture metal gliders and swings were The J.R. Bedding Company, in Philadelphia and Howell Manufacturing, whose designs were a rage at the 1939 World Fair!
One of the first designers to create a chair that was marketed to the masses was Viktor Schreckengost, an eclectic inventor also responsible for the design of metal children’s pushcars and bicycles for the recently defunct Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company (A distant relative informed me recently that their family name, popular in western PA, means “scary ghost!”)

His Beverly Hills model, sold through Sears Roebuck during WWII, can still be found across the country. Schreckengost designed the chair by offering a free drink to all 428 workers at the Murray plant in return for their participation in its creation. Each plant worker sat on the lid of a barrel layered with 8 inches of clay covered with plastic. The prototype was created, the first metal die-cut made, and when the war ended sales flourished.
The joyous optimism of the nation was reflected in the c-0-0-0-l new color choices: red, lime, lavender, canary yellow and blue. It’s lines were sleek and modern, much like the polished chrome and tubular steel evident in everything from baby “buggies” to mixmasters.

Victor Just died this January

Maria asks…

What are those cheap plastic lawn chairs made of? Are they PVC?

I’ve been doing some research and discovered that lead is used in PVC as a stabilizer. After being exposed to UV light the lead comes to the surface of the PVC. As most people who have had experience with these plastic lawn chairs knows, there is a white powdery substance on the surface after leaving the chairs outside. Is it possible that this is lead leaching out?

Tony answers:

I worked in a plastic factory and can guarentee you it has no lead. It is resin residue. They use a mold machine that is hot and pour plastic pellots into it and they melt down and form the shape of the mold. You can mold almost any size of anything and thickness. Some may have to use two molds and melt a seam together.

Lisa asks…

What are people doing in the middle of Times Square sitting in lawn chairs?

We just left from our vacation in NYC (had a blast and miss it). The one thing we couldn’t figure out was why people were sitting in the middle of Times Square in lawn chairs. The only thing I could think of was that they are people watching. Is this right? And are those parts of the roads always closed off to traffic? Thanks!!

Tony answers:

This is new. The mayor decided to close off parts of Broadway to traffic so people can relax more, socialize more, and enjoy everything around them. It’s an experiment for this year. If it is not a success it will go back to normal in Jan.

Nancy asks…

Can you bring your own lawn chairs to a concert if you have lawn seat tickets?

I’m going to a concert at darian lake, I have tickets to nickelback… i have lawn seats…. for live-nation

how does that work? do we stand the whole time or do they provide chairs? or can i bring my own chairs to sit in? or what?

Tony answers:

Check with the venue to be sure.

At my local pavilion they do not allow outside chairs only blankets can be brought in to sit on. If you want to sit on chairs in the lawn then you have to rent the chairs from the venue. Lt isn’t fair but what can you do?

You will probably be standing for the headlining show anyway.

William asks…

Does anyone know why there were lawn chairs on broadway at time square on sunday?

i was in time square (nyc) on sunday (may 31) and they had broadway closed off for a few blocks and a bunch of colorful lawn chairs set up.
anybody know what was going on?

Tony answers:

LJ is on the money and I’m not sure why she got the thumbs down. Must be haters.

Anyways, this was for the much-anticipated traffic ban on Broadway between 42nd and 47th streets that took effect the week of May 24th..

The city put all the chairs all along Broadway to encourage (more) pedestrians and open up the area.

From what I read in the article, it will run for about 6 months and will also include Herald Square.

So, what did you think of it?



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