Your Questions About Lawn Care

Carol asks…

Lawn Care?

Does anyone know of any good lawn care professionals in the Indianapolis area and surrounding suburbs? I prefer not to go with large companies like Trugreen. Prefer small individualized companies.

Tony answers:

Just check with some of your neighbors if they know of any

Sandra asks…

Lawn care…?

Our lawn has a lot of weeds, so much that once I kill them, I’ll need to put seed down to grow new grass just to keep up the green color. What would be the best way to attack this situation? (Our dog isn’t allowed in the front yard where the problem is, and we have no kids)

Tony answers:

For several years I kept buying weed and feed thinking it would kill the weeds and make the lawn flourish. NOT!!!

All it did was fertilize the weeds. Then I tried hiring one of the Lawn Maintenance companies. They’d come and spray, and spray, and spray… And the weeds continued to flourish. They told me I wasn’t watering the lawn correctly. I have a sprinkler system….HELLO!!! It was set to their recommendations.

I quit the company…

What I did, was I got some 10-10-10 fertilizer, and pelletized lime (I live in the south). Per the recommended spread for my broadcast spreader…

Guess what…I’ve had two landscape companies stop while I was out in the front yard and ask me who is taking care of my lawn! They wanted to know what I was doing to make it so thick and GREEN!

The 10-10-10 will not burn anything. It’s okay if it gets in the flower beds. My trees are growing like crazy. Even their leaves are bigger, fuller and healthier than any ones on the block!

The lime just balances out the PH in the soil because of the pine trees.

The weeds…..they didn’t have a chance once the grass was properly fertilized!!!

Good Luck!

James asks…

How do I get lawn care accounts from banks or real estate companies?

Hi, my boyfriend owns a lawn care and home repair business in south florida. Im trying to find out how to get work from banks or real estate companies. I need to know who to contact and what to say. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tony answers:

He needs to schedule appointments with the managers, dress appropriately. This is to introduce himself and his business to potential clients. Having a picture album of his work would help. Plenty of business cards and a firm handshake will help. The thing is he must present himself as a professional. A mailing will just end up in the trash.

Ken asks…

How should I make my lawn care Business?

Me, and 2 other guys have begun planning a lawn care/landscaping business. We’ve discussed what we thought was needed to make this project successful. We discussed prices, tools and everything required? But can i get some opinions on successful ways to do this project?

Tony answers:

I think you should check this out! I have a successful Landscape/Construction company. This will help.

Mandy asks…

How do I start a lawn care business from scratch?

I am 18 and I’m getting into lawn care with two other guys. None of us have much money and between us we have a couple of mowers, a couple of blowers, and a few weedeaters. We don’t even have a trailer to haul all of this around so to start out we will have to stay local. We do have 600 business cards that we will be passing out soon though and ten clients all within our local residential area.

Help me out. What kind of things should I do?

Tony answers:

Do a good job and start with a low rate, you will soon have all the work you need ,
after you establish plenty of work than you can start slowly raising your rate to be more inline with your competition.

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