Your Questions About Lawn Care

Sandra asks…

How do I start a lawn care business?

I would like to start a lawn care business from the bottom. What equipment will I need? What will startup costs be? What are some unique options for advertising? Any advice is welcome.

Tony answers:

Get a lawnmower, knock on the door, negotiate a price, and start cutting.

If you do a great job, she will tell her neighbor.

Keep a record of your a. New customers
b. Expenses
c. Income

Start out simple and work your way up. You will know what to do as you go along.

Betty asks…

How to report an unlicensed lawn care company in Wisconsin?

I know someone who has a lawn care business, does landscaping, building, and remodeling also. He is not licensed in lawn care, fertilization, or building of any sort. Can he get in trouble for not being licensed, and if so, how do I report him?

Tony answers:

Landscapers are not contractors of any kind and so do not require licensing.

James asks…

How to make money in the lawn care business?

Me and some guys are starting our own lawn care business this summer out of high school. I need to know how i can maximize profits and make the money i keep hearing people can make. Also I need ways to attract customers cause right now i dont have any. Thanks!

Tony answers:

I started my business about 6 six months ago with a help from this book

Joseph asks…

What it the average day like for a person in the lawn care business?

My husband and I are planning to start up a lawn care business and I was just wondering what types of things we should expect through out the day.

For those who use a lawn care service, what types of services do you expect? Ex. mowing the lawn, trimming, etc.

Tony answers:

Mowing, using a gas trimmer, and gas powered blowers are the typical day. You may do edging monthly and fertilizing seasonally. Other services like lawn repair, planting, and mulching may be possible. Businesses and apartment complexes will want you to do it all. If you want to succeed don’t shortcut like leaving weeds along a back fence or mowing over dead spots each week that could be fixed in a few minutes. Don’t forget to plan ahead for fuel costs!

Thomas asks…

Is it legal to charge me sales tax on my lawn care bill?

I have a lawn care service and every month on my bill, an additional amount is added on for sales tax. Texas does have sales tax, but is it legal to charge sales tax on a service like lawn care?

Tony answers:

It’s not only legal, it’s REQUIRED.

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