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Richard asks…


i have a interview for a landscaping job today and i need a website with a lot of information about landscaping and what i should expect to be doing…….i have looked but could not find decent info please help!

Tony answers:

I am a artist of this trait and my work dosent come cheap. Its hard work mixed with some thinking about where your going to plant or do what. Landscaping involves a dedication to nature and a talent for preserving nature and making it beutifull. It involves working with the land in alot the same scence a farmer would. You make cirtin types of gardens for certin needs and it involves a good eye for how the person who hier’s you wants to see done. Take a breath and relax, you can do it if your this interested. I realy cannot show you a website of what it involves but if you want some before and after pictures i took, e mail me before 1 am tonite and i will show you a verry good general idia of what it involves so you will be better prepaired, heck…. I.m. Me A.s.a.p. . I will help you any way you need becuse i belive in the presevation of nature and i find that this typ of career is one of the best ways to do that. My e mail/yahoo messenger adress is;

Sharon asks…


I would like to get a job as a landscaper. Although i dont know a whole lot about it. I enjoy being outside so i figured it was a good job idea rather than working as fast food. Can you offer me some specifics on landscaping? Does it include gardening and planting flowers etc?

Tony answers:

Maybe get a job with a company as an apprentice and maybe do a course at college, if you enjoy being outside, it seems like the job for you! As the first answer stated it involves lots of different aspects, but you don’t have to do them all! You could maybe so the manual work or go for the design aspect! Good luck with what you decide! Its always good to have ambitions!

Jenny asks…

My boyfriend owns a landscaping business but he wants to become an actual Landscaping Architect?

We live in the state of California… How would he go about getting his Landscaping Architect’s License and a Landscaping Business License? Please help!
We live in the state of California… How would he go about getting his Landscaping Architect’s License and a Landscaping Business License? Please help! (this is for Christy’s question and answer) I believe its for both his career and the money… thanks!

Tony answers:

It is amazing how inaccurate the responses people provide:
re: pondlady
you only need a minimum of an Associates degree in Landscape Architecture to qualify for the educational requirements to take the LARE.
Re: Christy
If what she says is true about competition, all registered landscape architects who owns their own installation company will be out of business. It does happen in the industry, but whether you are a licensed landscape architect or not should not factor in how the installation business runs or profits.
Review the requirements for licensure from this website:
Since you said your boyfriend already have a landscaping business, he should have his business license in place already. You can always make your company name change if you so desired at your State’s Corporation Commission.

Michael asks…

What color landscaping rock and pavers would match a black foundation?

I am landscaping my house. We have a white house with black shutters and a black foundation. What color landscaping rock shoule I use for next to the house and what color pavers should I use to make a sidewalk with?

Tony answers:

Hi have a look at www.
with the one above you can compare prices on line
and cornish slate Products
or some garden centres around you
ps because the colour scheme I might like you might not its your home and your choice because you have to live with it–yours–

David asks…

Landscaping ..What would be the most important feature to add to a small front yard to make it most appealing?

I have a small front yard with two large oaks. Other than those two trees, everything else is drab, scraggly and/or eroded away. The yard is mostly on a slope and the soil is washing away down to the sidewalk. Other homes in this neighborhood are attractive and well manicured. I purchased this home a few months ago and am now ready to put about $3,000 dollars into professional landscaping. What makes a house attractive and appealing to you?
I live near Fort Worth, Texas. Our summers are very hot and dry. I will be adding an irrigation system, however, we are always rationed on water usage in the summer.

Tony answers:

Water features, perennial plants and evergreens.

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