Your Questions About Landscaping Stones

Ken asks…

What is a good base for landscaping stones?

We are wanting to lay landscaping stones in a 10’x12′ area for a gazebo. What is the best thing to use for a good base before laying the stones. We were thinking of using either driveway stone or sand. What would be the best thing for keeping them from sinking over time?
The stones are 2 1/2 inches thick and 11 1/2 inch square.

Tony answers:

Sand would work fine but no matter what you use you need to put landscape cloth down first. It keeps weeds from growing and still lets water through. It will also keep the sand from mixing with the dirt underneath. You might put a second layer between the sand and rocks to keep them from sinking into the sand. Good luck.

Chris asks…

where can i buy landscaping stones for my backyard?

the stones are for walkways and i want them for cheap. please dont give web stores or home Depot or Lowes because i know them already.

Tony answers:

Are you looking for the square tiles? If so and depending on where you are, you can have ours free but you have to come and lift them up, clean them up and pick them up!

We will be lifting them up later this year (don’t know when) but if you want them now, come get them. We are in Vancouver area.


Lizzie asks…

What is the best approach to get rid of weeds & grass from landscaping (stones)?

We moved into our recently purchased house here in (MI), now that the snow is finally gone and the everything is growing/blooming, we are finding that the landscaping has some issues. The main problem is that weeds and grass is starting to grow through the white landscaping rocks. I’m not sure how long the landscaping has been there. In some of the areas I can see the black mesh material. I want to have a nicely landscape yard, and I guess I actually have that, except for the weeds and grass popping up. Any suggestions?

Tony answers:

The best thing to use to get rid of the weeds and grass from your stones is Round-up. It should be available at hardware stores and your local Walmart or Target. Round-up kills everything, and they don’t come back, it is pretty amazing stuff. However, don’t use it in places where you actually want things to grow, because nothing will grow in that spot for a few months.

Charles asks…

How can I clean landscaping stones of dead leaves and sticks, etc.?

I’ve seen many answers on how to get rid of grass coming up in the rocks, but I need to know if there is a simple way of cleaning the stones of Debris that has fallen from my trees. It looked so nice and tidy when it was first put down, now it’s just nasty with sticks, dead grass and leaves. Help!

Tony answers:

Get a leaf blower. Works great! Sweeps out and dusty garage too.

Mandy asks…

are pure white landscaping stones good for around flowers and bushes in the garden?

I thought I read that the white attracts the Sun and can cause the bushes,etc. to burn.

Tony answers:

They are great for about a month, then weeds start to creep in between them and they turn green and yucky. Cleaning them out of your beds later will not be fun.

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