Your Questions About Landscaping Ideas

Sandy asks…

landscaping ideas?

I am looking for a website that I can design a landscape idea for the front of my house. I want to put a small flowering tree w/ flowers. Does anyone know of a good website? Also I am wandering if anyone has ideas as far as window ideas, instead of shutters, what can be placed around windows that would be neat?

Tony answers: go the the stores//garden shops// good luck.

Laura asks…

Landscaping Ideas?

Can someone help me with some landscaping tips?

Tony answers:

Go to Lowes or your local garden store they have racks of Landscaping books that aren’t very expensive, or you can go to your local library.

Paul asks…

Landscaping ideas?

I am fixing up my house and want some ideas of what to do with my lawn. I don’t want grass anymore (can’t add a good sprinker system because of the layout) and I was thinking of either bark dust or something else. If you know of a good website for this, I would appreciate it.

Tony answers:

I am slowly eliminating my lawn; I am replacing it with brick walkways and large flagstone/pavestone areas and ornamental grasses/vinca and boulders. Most ornamental grasses and vinca, once established, needs very little watering and no mowing.

For some ideas, try

You may also want to search for “beneficial landscaping”, the current “correct word” for replacing your lawn with more eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly!) alternatives.

Mary asks…

Where can I find a good website with landscaping ideas/pictures?

I have been looking all over the internet and can not find a good website with landscaping ideas and pictures. The website has to be free of charge and have lots of photographic examples of flower/plant combinations, etc.

Tony answers:

Television Shows
Sub links for the DIY Network below

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Ask DIY Gardening

Garden ponds click on pix for enlargement

AZpondsjust click on the thumbnail to enlarge

Betty asks…

Anyone have landscaping ideas for the front of a house?

We just bought our first home last July and are clueless how to landscape around the house. Right now all that’s around the house are ugly bushes that are dead. This spring we are digging up the bushes and we have bought landscaping stone (the multicolored gravel) to go around the house. Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions on what to plant? I want colorful flowers that will come up every year and some trees that are mauve in color. I haven’t a clue what to get! Help!

Tony answers:

Buy perennial flowers that come up year after year. Pansies are really good for this and will grow back even thicker year after year. While they are blooming deadhead and when you get little seed pods on them pop them and they will grow, they pods are full of seeds, in corners you can plant butterfly bushes, they always look really pretty and lilac bushes grow well up against houses and are very pretty.if you want a good display that will grow up onto the house you could plant wisteria that grows on just about anything and they have purple in that,and it grows in shapes like bunches of grapes, that would look nice. Start off with some paper and get on-line to look up plants and draw what you have to see what you think would look nice. You can always add more as you go along, and remember gardens change as they grow, just enjoy making it look beautiful and don’t worry, most plants are strong and before you know it you will have a beautiful landscape. Good luck hun.xx

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