Your Questions About Landscaping Design

Michael asks…

Good basic Landscaping design books or computer programs?

We just finished building a earth-sheltered home. Earth-sheltered home are homes built into the side of a south facing hillside. I plan on doing the landscaping myself to save money. So I need to do some looking into basic landscaping design. I’ve done the landscaping with my other homes that have had grass and few trees before, but never any thing from scratch. I do have big equipment experience. So that is not a problem for me.

Tony answers:

I guess the equipment you use will depend on the plans you decide on and the terrain of the property. I personally would use the internet for information on landscaping and ideas.
You have a plethora of options available
DIY Network
Bob Villa Home Again
This Old House
and last but not least Lowes click and drag.
Use Lowe’s Landscape and Garden Planner to help build the yard of your dreams. With our design tool, garden and landscape planning are as easy as clicking and dragging
Just sign up and click enter .

Daniel asks…

What education do I need for landscaping and design?

I want to be a landscaper and design landscaping layouts and then do the work as well. What sort of degree do I need and how long will it take?

Tony answers:

I’m a landscape designer, but I got all of my training for free, because the high school I went to provided that as an option for a class. But here is the school I’m going to for interior design, this is a real school and accredited.


Linda asks…

Looking for free online landscaping design website?

Can anyone recommend a website that I can use to design my own landscaping ideas? I’m looking for something free and if possible, something I don’t have to download. Just looking for a website where I can try some things to see how they look. I’m not creative enough to just look at my lawn & see in my mind what it will look like. 🙁 HELP!

Tony answers:

Something along these lines?

Good luck

Richard asks…

Can anyone recommend a website that will help you design landscaping for your home?

My husband and I have been in our house for 2 1/2 yrs, and still haven’t worked on the landscaping. Being our first home, I don’t have much experience w/ designing lndscp. Any ideas?

Tony answers:

Hi, there’s a lot of interactive programs you can download for free. If you search online, look for one called realtime landscaping. You download it, you can even take a picture of your own house and pick your plants, trees etc. Some will even let you “walk through the yard” and “see” what it looks like.

Donna asks…

I need some Ideas for own landscaping design, Anyone can help?

I face the problem regarding the landscaping design, i wish to design my own landscaping, hope somebody can give me some idea, it will be appreciate

Tony answers:

You need to google “landscape design ideas.” You’ll get millions of hits!

My favourite landscaping element at the moment is pond-less waterfalls. You install a pump system into a hillside (natural or artificial), and bury it under the usual landscaping rocks and plantings organized so that they make a waterfall path. Normally, a waterfall ends with the water flowing into a small pond; the pump system siphons water into pipes and pumps it back up to the top, to feed the waterfall again and again.

In a pond-less waterfall, the “small pond” at the bottom is just a deep tub, sunk so its rim sits at ground level, and filled with the siphon parts and a lot of rocks/large pebbles. The waterfall empties into the rocks, but you don’t have to worry about keeping fish and water plants alive through winter, or keeping your babies from falling into the water and drowning, or worrying about the neighbour kids sneaking into your yard to play in the water when you’re not around, etc.

In my little corner of the world, we have a large-ish lake nearby, which supports pelicans. Friends and acquaintances of mine who have had ornamental fish-ponds in their gardens have all had to cover their ponds with metal mesh, because if they don’t, the pelicans fly overhead and think they’ve spotted another free lunch! The blinkin’ birds don’t even have to dive into the water to get their meal!

Really, try google. Start with just looking at landscaping pictures. Draw maps of your garden — scale maps are best, of course — and pick out features you find on many sites that you would like to have in your yard and garden. Figure your budget, decide how much work you’ll do yourself, and how much you’ll want to hire help for. Figure how long you want the whole thing to take.

But start by looking at pictures. Google is ideal for finding them.

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