Your Questions About Landscaping Chicago

Mark asks…

Does anyone have a referral of a good landscaping company which serve the south burbs of Chicago?

I had some water damage on the side of my house earlier this year. Next year I will probably need the grass resodded and also I would like to put up a border with red mulch on both sides of the house.

Tony answers:

Here you go.

Betty asks…

Where can I dump landscape waste near Whiting, In or Chicago?

I am starting a landscaping company and I accumulate a few garbage bags of landscape waste e.g. leaves and brances a day. I have way less than a ton to take to a compost site of which we charge per ton. Is there any other places I maybe able to dump my waste at?

Tony answers:

Uh ask your township office.

Robert asks…

What is the outdoor location of Top Chef Chicago?

I was watching the Top Chef Chicago season finale, and the judges are served dinner outside on a beautiful landscape. Does anyone know where that is?

Tony answers:

The finale wasn’t in Chicago. It was in Puerto Rico.

Mandy asks…

Where can I buy Paintings/Photographs in the Chicago land area?

I just moved on my own and am looking to buy some cool paintings/ photography type stuff. I’m a biologist so I’m looking for stuff to do with nature either paintings of landscapes or animals and same for photographs. Anyone know of anywhere I can go in the Chicago land area? Preferably around the North West Suburbs?

Tony answers:

Use the white or yellow pages

Paul asks…

i am going to start a business(landscaping).i do not know anything about do i set prices,cut grass,etc?

That would also include where to go for a nice used truck, used lawnmowers,leaf blowers,hedge trimmer or edger etc.well,i guess i am saying,what would be the must significant equipment that would be needed to start out with.when it come to maintenance of a lawn.Please,i know there is more, do add :> .P.S. this business will be starting from my home in Chicago,IL.Thank you very much.Hope to here from you soon :> .

Tony answers:

My best advice is to get a job with a landscaper and learn as much as you can

Now is the season they will be hiring, after you start with him/them you will have an idea of what to charge

It ain’t easy 🙂

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