Your Questions About Gardening Supplies

Donald asks…

Gardening supplies?

what are some supplies used to garden? name at least five or more. The most supplies gets best answer:)

Tony answers:

knee pads
plants…..whatever you like growing
gardening bench
rooting medium
peat moss
peat pots
dish soap…spray light solution with water on tomato plants to keep aphids off
labels…to label your garden
bucket to carry water, dirt, etc.
Watering can
pitch fork to loosen dirt or turn dirt
cotton and cups for rooting clippings

Sandy asks…

Gardening Supplies???

I am starting a garden for a project, and I was wondering what vegetables can grow in the winter and what supplies I will need?

Tony answers:

This should be of help to you with more info on that.

Laura asks…

What do you call a person who sells gardening supplies?

I need to buy plant and flower seeds in Bangkok. I can’t remember what you call people who sells gardening supplies. Really need help. Also if you can please put some gardening shops in Bangkok. All answers appreciated. Thanks a tonne.
sorry, i know i’m really stupid 😛

Tony answers:

Contact some ‘Plant nursery’ people.

Maria asks…

Which are the major gardening supplies retailers in Australia?

I am doing a marketing assignment about gardening,
can anyone tell me names of the major gardening supplies retailers in Australia?

Tony answers:

Bunnings and Mitre 10 are the two biggest ones I can think of. Bunnings especially is huge and have massive garden centres in most states in Australia.

Helen asks…

Would like to know BEST catalog sites for ordering gardening supplies….?

I was wondering if anyone could let me know a few of the BEST sites to order seeds, sets, gardening supplies online? I know if you ask several different people, you’ll get several different answers, but what are the few BEST known, reputable and INexpensive places to purchase seeds, sets, or anything for your garden?

I have heard before that there are about 4 or 5 really good places, can anyone relay them to me…or their sites? Thanks SO much in advance!


Tony answers:

Try this site. I’ve dealt with these people for almost 50 years.


The Muse

(didn’t I just answer this question?)

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