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Michael asks…

Can Osaka Garden in Chicago be rented out for a wedding?

Me and my girlfriend would really like to have our wedding in the pavilion thing at the Osaka Garden in Jackson Park in Chicago. I tried to look it up on different websites, including the Osaka Garden and Chicago Parks websites, but couldn’t find anything about Osaka Garden, just about getting permits for other parks/gardens. Just wondering if anyone knows if we can and how we can get a permit for the Osaka Garden. Thanks.

Tony answers:

Look at this page:

Scroll down to
63rd St Beach House

The Friends of Osaka Garden has a website that might help. But you’re going to have to call to get details. There doesn’t seem to be any information the web.

Betty asks…

Botanical Gardens (Chicago) – Wedding picture ideas?

Where is there a public garden in Chicago to take wedding pictures at in November?

Tony answers:

Chicago is a city of gardens. Loads of great places downtown including Millenium Park, and Grant Park. The entire downtown has beautiful gardens in unexpected places. Check with your photographer and see where photos have been take for previous weddings.

Also, check out the Chicago Botanic Gardens ( and the Morton Arboretum their schedules and availability.

Another great garden is the Ball Seed company in West Chicago. Their gardens are open to the public and during the growing season thery are quite spectacular.

Chicago’s lakefront offers many other picturesque sites which incorporate gardens, lakefront and spectacular skyline,

Since your wedding is in November, check out the conservatory at the Chicago Botanic Garden for lush foliage even in November.

Send us a picture when you’re done!

Bug Doc

Sharon asks…

Is Chicago a more dangerous place to live than Baghdad?

Remember that the “Anointed One” who wants to “change” America worked on crime, education, housing, jobs and even built part of a botanical gardens in Chicago before his puppet master brought him to the center stage. Sounds great, but there were 292 murders in Chicago in the past 6 months while there were 221 troops killed in Iraq.

Locus 81 – good point – all Democrat areas!

Tony answers:

Never lived in Chicago, or been. But I have lived in Detroit, so I’d say if Chicago is anything like Detroit, then yes it is worse.

Laura asks…

Is the Chicago Botanic Gardens boring or fun?

I am going to the Botanic Gardens in Chicago tomorrow and I want to know what it is like. Is it really boring or fun? Is it all just looking at plants and things??

Tony answers:

Kylie ive been there and trust me, its just really boring. It supposed to be all “omg how relaxing, all these flowers, and trees and things” but really ud rather do homework than this. ( and i mean geometry homework.:)) sorryyyy….

Richard asks…

How far is it from Chicago to the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glencoe?

I want to take the bike trail from Devon Ave in Chicago to The Botanic Gardens in Glencoe… But I want to know how far it is first, because while I like to bike, a die hard bicyclist I am not. So, even if you’ve only ever rode in a car, I’m just looking for a milage estimate…

Tony answers:

15 miles sounds about right.

I biked that trail a couple of times, but it’s been over 10 yrs since the last time. It’s relatively flat. The only elevations are for the overpasses. Be aware that, early on, there are street-level crossings.

Otherwise, enjoy the ride.

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