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Chris asks…

Why is composting so hard? (gardening)?

We have tons of kitchen scraps and I’m going nuts looking at everything from turning to bokashi to tumblers to holes. Does this really have to be so complicated? Then I read blogs online of failures, too much work, smell, etc. What really is the right way to do this in a smallish but not miniscule home flower/veggies organic garden?

Tony answers:

Just pile your grass, leaves and other plant material in one place. Put a few branches around it. Don’t add any meat or other items that might smell. Water whenever you feel like it.
Put fencing around it if you want. Even plant morning glories to grow over it. Just don’t worry.

Ken asks…

I need help with blogs name?

I am thinking of creating a blog for myself and am stuck for a name. I want the blog to be about my chickens, gardening and parenting, so the name needs to be something to do with them. I only suggestions at the minute are Feathering Your Nest, or Freerange Mama, what do you think to those?

Tony answers:

Feathering your nest is very catchy. I like it.

Thomas asks…

why is america so cullable to believe what they post on the internet?

I see it time after time people post links to sites that aren’t news sites, just opinion sites. People even post links to blogs like its fact.
I’m not saying the news always gets it right, but anybody can put up a site and misquote, or post left/right views. When did the majority start believing, if its on the internet it must be true.

The lastest example is this “illegal gardening thing” I went to the bill on the government website and it only applies to the purchase and sale of food, not growing and consuming in your home.

Tony answers:

Typos happen people.

People believe things that they want to believe. Example – the whole Obama birth certificate thing … The people that believe that show their desperation.

Currently there is a mass hysteria that anything that the government is doing is somehow an evil plot of some sort because the democrats are in control of it.

Susan asks…

What are some topics you like to read on?

I’m writing articles for some blogs and I’m running out of content. If you are online what would interest you? Do you like human interests stories, news, family, business, gardening etc.

Tony answers:

Ancestry history, Current events (David Carradine, flight 447, etc), Web site building, Space Aliens and Paranormal, Archeology finds, Little Sweetie Estate vs. Feng Shui Master court case, Cloning, Trade news letters……yes, I live on the computer!

Joseph asks…

Organic container gardening (vegetable and herb) 101?

Hi everyone,
I am completely new at gardening. Ive never even planted a seed! So I need things explained in detail step by step. I have searched all over the internet on this topic and all I find is “Container gardens are great for cities, its so easy, just get a container and fill with potting mix…etc” But they all say the same thing and dont go into any detail.

What I would like to do is start this first year with cherry tomatoes, parsley, green beans, thyme, maybe some other things. Ill see how it goes and make adjustments next year.

Does anyone have any good resources for me? I dont know when to plant the seeds, how many seeds to put in, how far down in the soil, or even how often to water them. I dont know anything and really need some help. Any comprehensive websites or blogs would be amazing. Thanks!

Tony answers:

As a newby, I would buy starts at the garden center for most things, especially tomatoes and thyme. Once you have more experience go on to planting tomatoes from seed. Parsley is pretty easy to start from seed, and depending on your region/hardiness zone, you should be able to plant parsley seeds now. You need to wait for the soil to warm up for beans. Do you want bush beans or pole beans? I would suggest bush beans for containers. The seed packets should tell you how deep to plant and their spacing. Plan on putting at least twice as many seeds in a pot as you would think, some won’t sprout and some will be weak. Then once they have a few true leaves, thin out the weaker plants to have one or two plants per pot depending on their size.
Some kinds plants need another plant for pollination (ie, they can pollinate themselves), so you may need two. Tomatillos can self pollinate, but are more productive in at least pairs, manzano and rocoto chilis cannot self pollinate at all. Beans do better if they pollinate each other.
Ask at the garden center for determinate types of tomatoes. Indeterminate types get huge and lanky; you probably won’t have enough space. They may even have “patio” tomatoes. That make a small bush and for their small size put out a lot of fruit if they have sufficient light.
If you are planting seeds indoors, you have to be careful of damp off disease. Really, wait until next year for planting indoors from seeds and ask about that here then. You will probably need to get a lot of things to buy, such as lamps, something for bottom heat, cells, fine seedling potting soil, etc.

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