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Is your front lawn boring to the sight? Does your neighbor have pretty garden in front of their house and your green with envy of it? What you need is some front garden landscaping ideas to beautify that lame front lawn of yours. Below are some tips you can follow to do exactly the right things.

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The first thing to consider is the kind of style you are going to use for your new landscaping project. Choose the style of landscape that matches the style of that of your house. The style should also speak of your own personality. Here are some front garden landscaping ideas you might want to work on.

First up is the formal style of landscaping. This involves forming straight lines and geometrical shapes in arranging different plants. Random planting is not followed here but rather in an orderly manner. These plants are also to be pruned closely so that the formal effect should be maintained. Of course when there is a formal style there is also the informal way of landscaping. With this style straight lines are replaced by curved edges. The order of planting is also at random creating a natural effect.

Another great landscaping idea is the English garden style. This style involves planting of shrubs and perennial plants in a massive manner. Picket fences are also used to give the feel of an English cottage yard to your garden. Then there is the oriental style. It is distinguished by the use of water, rocks, and evergreens. The woodland style also makes use of the natural effect of landscaping. Big rocks and a variety on native woodland plants are used.

These are a few front garden landscaping ideas you can use. You can even combine these ideas to give a distinctive look in your garden. Bring out your creativeness and turn your garden into something to behold.

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