Gardening Season Come Summer or Winter

Somewhat loose as an overall term, gardening season depends entirely on the type of garden, climate in which it resides and desired results from the owner. Let us, however, assume that in this instance the garden is subject to all four seasons, being spring, summer, autumn and winter. Of course, certain harvests are only possible under certain conditions, but that is not to say that maintenance of a garden cannot continue regardless of weather, making gardening pretty much year round.

While the most intensive and active maintenance of a garden will generally take place in the warmer months from spring to autumn, it is not to say that any garden would not benefit from a little year round maintenance. Winter, for example, is a great time to finally take control of that excessive weed problem before the plants start to flourish again come spring time.

Alongside preparation for the upcoming warmer months, winter can also yield some wonderful results in both vegetables and other plants, making full use of this often overlooked gardening season. A whole host of root vegetables thrive in cold conditions and are ready to be harvested during months which on the surface seem the most barren and lifeless. Indeed, varieties of carrot, cabbage and cauliflower remain hardy in temperatures as low as –15oC making them ideal for a winter harvest. Furthermore, there are many that swear by the fact that vegetables harvested in the winter not only taste better but hold more nutritional value. The science of this has been disputed but so far has not been discounted. So instead of leaving a garden to deteriorate at the mercy of the elements, why not take advantage of a year round gardening season and enjoy winter vegetables, flowers and evergreens adding a little flavor and color to the harshest of seasons.

Gardeners are business whatever the season.  Even if it is officially an off season for gardeners such as winter, gardeners will still be busy thinking up new and exciting new plans for their garden and getting everything ready for the start of spring.  It’s a great time to be a gardener.

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