Dramm 12601 16-Inch Sunrise Rain Premium Watering Wand with 8-Inch Foam Grip – Blue

Dramm 10-12601 Watercolors 16 Blue Rain Wand, BlueWatercolor models are available in 16 lengths. Anodized aluminum extension handle, color matched Water Breaker nozzle and water shut-off valve. Lifetime consumer guarantee. Available uncarded for resale. Six colors to choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, berry.Dramm 10-12601 Watercolors 16 Blue Rain Wand, Blue Features:; COLOR: Blue; UPC: 0-36434-12601-6; Anodized aluminum extension handle; Color matched; Water breaker nozzle and water shut off valve Lifetime consumer guarantee; Blue

Sale Price:$15.95

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